Real trails. Real conditions. Real time.

Hyperlocal, hyper accurate trail info

Flowfeed is an industry-first solution that combines real weather data, soil information, and predictive analytics to produce trail-by-trail insights in real time.

We gather weather data from a network of sensors deployed across the trail network and work with trail builders, landowners, maintenance crews, and other local mountain biking experts to understand the ins-and-outs of each trail.

Our fully automated platform makes it easy for you to decide what lines you should skip, and what’s ready to shred.


Ride with us

Since we’re trying something that’s never been done before, we need your feedback as we go!

Automated trail conditions are the first step, but we’re not stopping there. Your input will help us decide which direction we should pedal next.

Join our beta program to get exclusive access to our launch market, Northwest Arkansas, and ride with us as we build Flowfeed.

Who we are

We decided there was no better place to build our company than right in the middle of the Mountain Biking Capital of the World – Bentonville, Arkansas. The trail investment, community support, and rider involvement is second to none!

Our team is made up of software developers, designers, operators, researchers, and of course, riders. This unique mix of talent allows us to think differently, stay curious, and push industry limits. We are pumped to continue bringing new ideas to the mountain biking space and help make real information about real trails accessible to anyone in real time.